Internet and Computer Use Policy


In the continuing process of striving to provide current materials and programs to facilitate life-long learning and enjoyment of reading as well as other formats which promote education for persons of all ages in the community, the Grace District Library finds it necessary to develop collections, resources, and services which involve advanced technology.  This technology, which includes computer use and Internet access for patrons, will help meet the informational, cultural, educational, and recreational need of the community. The Grace District Library does not censor and has no control of the information accessed through the Internet.  Parents and guardians, not the library staff, have the responsibility of Internet information accessed by their children, and therefore, are advised to supervise Internet sessions.  Information accessed will be treated as confidential and released only when required by local, state, or federal law. (Idaho Code 9-340)


Users of the internet should be advised that electronic systems cannot be secured and are extremely vulnerable to unauthorized access and modification. Also, information available on the Internet may not be accurate, current, or complete; as an informed consumer, it is wise to verify the validity of materials accessed.


Materials obtained or copied through electronic access may be subject to copyright laws which govern the making of reproductions of copyrighted words. A word protected by copyright may not be copied without permission of the copyright owner unless the proposed use falls within the definition  of "Fair Use."  Violation of the copyright law may subject you to an action for damages and or an injunction.  When researching materials for school, students need to include addresses and network sites for bibliography information.