Meeting Room Policy

The Grace District Library will allow use of the library meeting room with no fee for non-profit groups who wish to use the room during regular library hours.  Any non-profit group wishing to use the meeting room when the library is not open will be assessed a fee to pay to a member of the library staff to be in attendance.  The fee will be assessed according tot he number of hours the building is to be used with a guideline set at $15.00 for two hours.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to deny use of the meeting room if it is determined that the planned activity is not appropriate for use inside the building.  Examples may include those activates which could damage carpet of furniture.  Use of the meeting room will also be contingent upon suitable group size of the space available.

The meeting room of the library will NOT be available to persons or organizations charging fees for the program or activity offered.

This policy dated June 26, 2000, has been reviewed, approved, and signed by the board of trustees.